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"How To Present The #1 Tool"

Discover how to share it with anyone. Word track examples on how to share it with your family, friends, business acquaintances and the people you meet via text. Also how to share it in ads. Become aware of the psychology, persuasive words and closing techniques that happen naturally in the #1 Tool. Click the orange button now.


#1 Tool To Share Essanté

A fast, engaging video that shares everything in about 10 minutes. Why is it so compelling & irresistible? Persuasion techniques & expert sales psychology occurs from start to finish. It's simple & quick to share from your smart phone, in a text, anywhere, anytime.


#2 Tool To Share Products

This Product Tool Shares: "The Toxic Truth", "Story Of Cosmetics", Free Toxicity Report & Catalog. The average person applies 120 toxins daily. This website outlines the problem, proves it is a serious concern, gives a free toxicity report and offers the solution.



Share The Products

Share The Opportunity
Standardized PPT To Present:
1. The Products: Share first half.
2. The Opportunity: Share in full. We call this the Black & White Cookie Presentation because you can share half (just the products) or you can share it all (products & opportunity).


Upload and print these presentation tools.

Share these tools from your smart phone, ipad, laptop & desktop and create a flip chart.

Keep these tools with you and you'll always be ready to share.