Order sticky post it notes from www.EssanteOrganicsTools.com & stick them everywhere you go. And order plain white or yellow business size cards ("Drop Cards" as shown below) and drop stacks of them everywhere you go. 


drop card example


Described in the FREE Ads, Scripts & Guidelines Book!
Sticky post it notes are an easy, inexpensive quick way to get your message to the masses.
Post them individually or place a full stack on the countertop at organic businesses.
They instantly offer what people want MOST: to improve their financial status.
They are better than large flyers; Wellness Warriors do it greener and better.
How to order: 
1st order your 1-800#: visit www.800link.com/EssanteOrganics
2nd order your sticky post it notes: visit www.EssanteOrganicsTools.com
Stats & where to place them:
On Average, for every 200 sticky post it notes or drop cards you put out there, you'll receive 20 calls (leads).
1) As you park your car - post them on the driver's window of the 10 nicest cars near you.
2) As you get gas - post them on cars & gas pumps (near the credit card slot).
3) At the mall - pass them to well dressed people & sharp sales people.
4) In the taxi cab, the bus, the airport, expos, fairs, unemployment offices, wherever people will see them.
5) Place a full stack wherever your target market makes purchases - the organic dry cleaners, the mail store, the organic grocery store, vitamin stores, organic cafes, gyms, libraries, health food stores, healthy restaurants, small businesses, etc. think about your target market and always prospect up by offering business cards and sticky notes to people with a high work ethic & who enjoy a high income. Those who make good income want more income and they want to earn it quicker and retire sooner.
6) Take them to networking events - google search free networking events in your city.
Why use your personal 1-800# on this and every tool? 
Because it automatically pre-qualifies every caller & track your leads.
It features the proven 'Corporate Voice Message' which lends you corporate backing.
Each caller / lead in placed in queue & you're notified by text / email.
It never misses a call & it delivers a stellar 1st impression while keeping your cell private.