JoJo Williams is a Platinum Executive with Essante who reached all ranks in record time and has developed a passion for Toxic Free living that has become a driving force in creating momentum in the lives of so many to achieve their dreams. JoJo’s favorite part of Essante is being able to help others begin a journey to better health and wealth and she shows that with her servant driven leadership and all for one, one for all mindset that is contagious. JoJo is a writer, artist and Leader in Essante who is always positive focused on being the solution and helping shape the direction of this company and helping others to do the same. She is actively involved in helping everyone to reach their health and financial goals as well as develop the leader in themselves while traveling around the Country building her Essante Business and teaching organic / toxic free living everywhere she goes. JoJo is the author of a blog that has reached an audience of over 80 Countries and shares herself and her journey with such transparency with hopes of setting an example that creates the same desire in others, she believes sharing is key in giving and receiving in life and both are essential for healthy living. Her mission in Essante is to touch as many lives as she can and help the planet go green one wellness warrior at a time.

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