How do you coach a new person to become a Customer or Brand Partner? 

Memorize this phrase, "Would you like to order at Retail, Wholesale or BELOW Wholesale? Great!

It's easy to JOIN & SAVE online!" Then point them to your JOIN & SAVE button at the top of your website.

Or share the video on this page with each new person and allow Angie Levine,  CMO of of Essanté Organics, to show your new person how to JOIN & SAVE.

Did you know you can buy a JOIN & SAVE Form Tear Pad (25 paper JOIN & SAVE Forms)? Take the Tear Pad to every live presentation. At the end of each presentation tear 1 off and pass it to each of your guests. Tear Pads are available on your website under Shop - Catalogs & Merch.

Or take your laptop with you and have them JOIN & SAVE online at the top of your website.

Share this video with each new person. It shows:

  1. How your new person can confirm they are on your website
  2. How to click JOIN & SAVE at the top of your website
  3. The differences between the 3 options: a Retail, a Wholesale or a Go-Green Pack/Brand Partner account
  4. The discounts & guaranteed product benefits of the most popular Go-Green Packs