Keep it simple.  Keep it in one place. Keep it free.

As top industry earners, trainers, and award-winners we are asked one question more than any other:  “How should I train my team?”

Memorize this phrase: “Congratulations! You’ve made a great choice starting your own organic business! Now, are you ready for THE #1 TOOL that allows everyone to start earning income right away? Great. When can you take the #1 training at, can you do the #1 training tonight or tomorrow, it takes about 30 minutes? Tomorrow, great.  Can you do the #1 training in the morning or the afternoon?  Afternoon, great. Can you do the #1 training at 3pm or 4pm? 4pm it is! Place that in your calendar and I will do the same.  I will call you at 5pm, just to see what your favorite part is and to review your income goals.”

Sounds familiar right?

Keep it simple & lead by example: Complete the trainings in level 1, 2 & 3 and simply direct others to do the same. Don’t skip, instead, dissect it & start to realize the path to true success really is simple…

Send everyone to one place: Send everyone to one proven S.Y.S.T.E.M. provided by award-winning, top industry earners AND trainers, who have ALSO trained 1000’s of others to be top industry earners.  Sharing the one thing that other masters of duplication share, ensures you and your team true duplication.  It also allows you to enjoy instant volume without saying a word.  The psychology inside the #1 training on this site talks about why it’s important to upgrade to a $499 Below Wholesale Pack and why it’s important to start a 100 point monthly Easy Order.

S.Y.S.T.E.M. stands for Save Yourself Time Energy & Money:  Being highly directive and sending every teammate, if you enrolled them or not, to one, simple, 24 hour, free, proven S.Y.S.T.E.M. allows EVERYONE to become successful right away.  Because it’s not people or money dependent and it never gets watered down.  It always offers training at 100% potency, 100% of the time (thus saving you TIME & ENERGY). If you learn it, then personally reteach it to your teammate Lisa, then Lisa personally reteaches it to David…. each training is time consuming and it’s less potent than the first and it becomes people dependent.  Simply say, “Lisa, are you ready for THE #1 TOOL that allows everyone to start earning income right away?” And then guess what Lisa will say to David…. EXACTLY.

Remember, we offer for FREE because free DUPLICATES:  Beware of those who charge $1000’s of dollars for their training and offer promises of great network marketing success, if they don’t have a team of successful people, in a successful company, taping into a one simple, proven training system that is offered for free.  Trainings that cost $1000’s of dollars will not duplicate, because they are money dependent, not every new network marketer has 1000’s of dollars to spend. They will also redirect your teammate’s focus away from you and their Essanté Organics business.  Your teammates should be spending their money on toxic free products, products that produce VOLUME for them, you and everyone up the line.  If they are spending their money on other people’s training systems, that helps the trainer, not you.  And often times, what we have found, is they become a training-junkie (someone who trains themselves right into the poor house without taking action inside their network marking business).


Many people were asking how they can record their computer screen for tutorials, how they have have online meetings with their team (private or public), how they can do a LIVE broadcast stream and have it recorded and posted to Youtube… You can do ALL of these for FREE using Google Hangouts on Air… You would need to have a Gmail account.

Here is the Step By Step Tutorial on how to use Google Hangouts On Air!
Free Tool to record your screen (tutorials, etc)
Free Live Chat (Private with your team or public)
Free Live Streaming!
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