6 EVENTS (for success, follow the directions under each event right now)

    Your success depends on how often you attend each of these events and how often you invite others to attend with you. Inviting guests will improve the health and prosperity of their lives and yours.
LIVE Monday Mentorship Global Conference Call: 832-225-5222 (6p PT / 7p MT / 8p CT / 9p ET)
    Directions: Add this to your calendar as a recurring Monday event right now. Always dial in and announce yourself every Monday night. Always invite your teammates to join you every Monday night. Afterwards gather your team on a conference call and discuss what you liked best and discuss your action plans for the week. Monday Mentorship is how everyone is mentored and it's how everyone begins each week in a powerful way. Your success will be measured by how many Monday Mentorship Calls you and your teammates attend.
RECORDED Webinar: www.GoGreenGetPaid.com/Webinar
    Directions: Always invite and schedule guests to view the webinar at a specific time. After the webinar immediately call your guest(s) and ask what they like best and share the 8 Question Close (located on this training website). Your success will be measured by how many times you share the Webinar with guests and invite them onto your team. Invite those who don't join your team to become ToxicFree® customers.
Missed a live call above? Want to share one with guests?
    All replays are at www.GoGreenGetPaid.com/Training – at the base of the list under "Ongoing Business Education".
RECORDED Action Call: (618) 355-1448 (2 minute introduction + 10 minute summary)
    Directions: First, listen to this quick recorded call. Second, enter it under Essante Organics in your smartphone. Third, share this number with everyone. Dial it and put it on speaker phone when you are with someone in person. Dial a friend or guest and then dial this number so you and they can hear this recording and discover Essante Organics. Afterwards ask what they liked best and share the 8 Question Close. Your success will be measured by how many guests you connect to the Recorded Action Call.
VIDEO Company Tour: www.GoGreenGetPaid.com (12 minutes)
    Directions: First view this quick video. Second, enter under Essante Organics in your smart phone. Third, share this video with everyone. Send the link via text or social media or email. Schedule a specific time for each guest to view this company tour video. Immediately after they view it call them and ask what they liked best and share the 8 Question Close. Your success will be measured by how many guests you schedule to watch www.GoGreenGetPaid.com.
    Directions: First, visit the Community Calendar on your website. Second, post your first event on the calendar today. We recommend posting one or more of these: (1) A business grand opening party (2) A tasting event with shots of Super Reds and 7.365 pH Shakes (3) A how-to class on how to look instantly younger with z3, or how to lose weight with 7.365 pH Shake, or how to support the body with essential oils, or how to avoid toxic ingredients by sharing the 2 videos at www.LivingLifeChemicalFree.com. Make a note to order Tear Off Pads and Catalogs today and always have them at each event you host. Remember, you can host online events also, where you can invite people from near and far. Consider mailing free Sparkle Tooth Polish samples and free Super Reds Powder samples to everyone who attends your online event(s). Your success will be measured by how quickly you post your Business Grand Opening Party and how many events you post each month thereafter.
LIVE - THE GREAT GREEN EVENT (Annual training conference and mega sale)
    Directions: First, visit your website's event tab and determine when the next Great Green Event is occurring. Add it to your calendar and invite your teammates and guests. Statistics show attendees increase their business by 60% within 90 days of attending the event. This is where corporate and all teams meet, celebrate, re-charge and empower each other! Register now and discover the happiest, greenest place on earth: The Great Green Event!